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Toote liik: Kaitstud päritolunimetusega vein

Päritolu: Hispaania

Viinamarjad: 100% Bobal

Värv: Punane

Aroom: Kompleksne aroom, kombinatsioon küpsetest puuviljadest ja röstisusest.

Maitse: Vein on täidlane, hea happesusega, maitses tulevad esile puuviljad ja elegantne tanniinsus, järelmaitse on pikk.

Serveerimine: 16-18ºC

Alkoholisisaldus: 13,5%

Toote andmed: 75cl


WINE MAKING: We only select the best grapes from low yield vines in our own Bobal vineyards with just 1600 plants per hectare. The grapes are collected in special boxes, each one weighing 15 kg. We only harvest in the morning in order to keep the grapes at an optimum temperature until they reach the winery. Once at the winery the full boxes are placed in cold storage rooms for 3 days at a temperature of -10°C. We select the grapes box by box followed by destalking and putting the grapes into new American oak barrels, each one with a capacity of 400 litres, where we have previously removed the top of the barrel. A stainless steel panel with chilled water running through it is placed in each barrel in order to cold macerate the grapes at 8°C for 4 days. Everyday we manually submerge the cap, the mass of grape skins, barrel by barrel and once fermentation begins we turn off the chilled water. The temperature in the barrel can reach a maximum of 26°C during fermentation. After 15 days we put the grapes into a pneumatic press to be gently pressed at no more than 0.5 bars. The wine is aged for a minimum of 10 months en new French Allier oak barrels. We bottle following a very light filtration.